About Us

GES Engineering launched its operations in Ankara in 2013, with a view to becoming a Tier 1 subcontractor to prime contractors in the defence and aerospace sector through the indigenous subsystems it develops, and with the added value engineering and the production and testing services it provides. With its engineering- and production-oriented workforce, GES works with various prime contractors in the defence and aerospace sector. GES Engineers is engaged in the design and production of mechanical and electromechanical subsystems, components and parts for land and air platforms. As part of its activities, which focus on the entire life cycle of defence and aerospace systems, GES Engineering:
  • Consults with the user to understand and analyse its precise needs;
  • Converts these needs into verifiable requirements;
  • Carries out engineering and analysis studies in line with these requirements to come up with an appropriate design, and makes preparations for production;
  • Can, in accordance with customer requests, execute through its own capabilities the production of components whose original design belongs to the customer company;
  • Performs highly precise and high-quality production and assembly works with its comprehensive machine park and experienced team;
  • Designs and prepares special workbenches/machines for testing activities, if necessary;
  • Carries out all testing and verification procedures;
  • Delivers the requested items in a manner that meets all quality requirements; and
  • Provides support throughout the entire life cycle of its products.
Exhibiting rapid growth since its foundation, GES Engineering is today a company with a team of 75, and with 22 different types of machines and devices in its machine park. It has to date developed five product families that have found customers both in Turkey and abroad. GES Engineering seeks to sustain its fast-paced growth in the upcoming period. To this end, the company continues to strengthen its team and infrastructure, while also adding new users in both Turkey and abroad to its customer portfolio.