Automatic Vehicle Leveling System
12 February 2019
Shelter and Mobile Platform Lift and Transportation Systems
10 February 2019

Shelter Leveling System

Installing a shelter on sloping terrain is now possible with GES Engineering’s Shelter Leveling System. With outriggers fitted on all four corners, the system can level a shelter rapidly and with great precision, thereby enabling the effective use of shelters in the field.


Without a Shelter Leveling System, the site on which the shelter is to be placed would need to be prepared in advance. The Shelter Leveling System effectively eliminates such a requirement, providing a solution to a common problem concerning deployment in the field. Using this system, shelters of up to 10 tons can be automatically levelled within 7 minutes.

Occasionally, leveling may even be required in facilities such as factories due to uneven ground. The system, which can also be used in places other than terrain conditions, also responds to such needs.

Without requiring additional equipment, the Shelter Leveling System can also be used to load and unload shelters from vehicles. In such a scenario of use, the vehicle first approaches the point at which the shelter is to be placed, after which the Shelter Leveling System deploys its outriggers and lifts the shelter in a levelled manner. The vehicle then moves away from the position, and the system lowers the shelter to the desired height.

Innovative Features

GES Engineering’s Shelter Leveling System comes with several innovative features:

  • Automatic leveling performed within a minimum amount of time
  • Level maintained throughout the mission duration, with zero loss of angle
  • Minimum maintenance requirements and ability to be repaired and maintained in the field
  • Leg height of up to 2 metres
  • Ability to load/unload a shelter onto/from the vehicle and to then prepare it for use, with no other equipment requirement
  • Useable together with GES Engineering’s Shelter Transportation System.


GES Engineering’s Shelter Leveling System is compatible with standard ISO containers.

The system can also be adjusted to different weight requirements.

Latest Developments

GES Engineering initiated its works on the Shelter Leveling System in the last quarter of 2016. Having successfully completed functional tests, the system is now expected to complete its qualification tests within a short period of time.