8 February 2019
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6 February 2019

Smoke Grenade Launchers

GES Engineering also brings a breath of fresh air to the field of smoke grenade launchers, which are often the last line of defence aboard land vehicles, and whose design has changed little over the years. The company’s smoke grenade launcher prioritises reliability, constantly informing the user of the launcher’s munition status and fire readiness.


Smoke Grenade launchers are used in threat situations, and often in a race against time. For this reason, the timing of when the smoke grenades are launched is of critical importance. Having been designed as purely mechanical devices for many years, conventional smoke grenade launchers require visual inspection to know whether or not they contain munitions.

.By adding a smart box to the grenade launcher system, GES Engineering has come up with a system that constantly informs the user the ammunition status of the launcher, and whether or not it is ready to fire. The user is thus aware that when she/he activates the launcher, it will indeed fire a smoke grenade.

Innovative Features

GES Engineering’s smoke grenade launchers come with numerous innovative features:

  • Displays to the user whether the launchers contain munitions
  • Displays to the user whether the munitions in the launchers can be fired
  • Integration of smoke grenade launchers with other digital systems


GES Engineering’s smoke grenade launchers can be integrated into every type of military vehicle.

Latest Developments

After launching development efforts for the smoke grenade launcher in 2017, GES Engineering successfully completed functional tests of the developed launchers.

Potential Projects and Areas of Use

  • Can be used on all military vehicles


  • Electronic firing control
  • Capacity of 8 smoke grenades
  • Compatible with 76 mm munitions
  • Operating Temperature: -32°C - +49°C
  • IP Level: IP 55
  • Coverage Area: 120 degrees, 45 metres