Portable Telescopic Mast
13 April 2020

GES Engineering developed its Multipurpose Portable Tower solution taking into consideration the increased border threats associated with the recent rise in irregular migration, illegal trafficking and acts of terrorism. Presenting the mostly needed critical features, being easy to transport and install, operating ability with high reliability for long periods and the innovative design will make the Multipurpose Portable Tower an indispensable piece of equipment for military and security forces alike.


Military and security forces need solutions that allow them to assert dominance in their areas of operation such as anti-terror operations, cross-border operations, irregular migration and smuggling operations, or at temporary and permanent bases, immigrant camps, critical infrastructure, land and coastal borders. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is through such towers.

The operational scenarios mentioned require mobile towers that can be installed in the field. The Multipurpose Portable Tower solution of GES Engineering satisfies this exact need.

The Multipurpose Portable Tower, onto which payloads such as radars, electro-optical systems, armaments and such can be integrated, ensures situational awareness and provides a strategic advantage to the user.

Innovative Features

The GES Engineering Multipurpose Portable Tower solution meets the most critical needs in the best possible way through its innovative design:

  • Weighing 11 tons, it is considerably lighter than the usual 25–30-ton alternatives, and can be carried with a 4x4 vehicle.
  • With its integrated automatic levelling system, it can be erected on terrains with a maximum slope of 7 degrees. When used on this type of terrain, it is levelled automatically, and can be made ready to use without intervention by the user.
  • It can be installed in the field within 10 minutes under the power of its integrated generator, without the need for any other equipment.
  • It can operated stand alone in the field, powered by its integrated generator.
  • Requiring no additional equipment, the Levelling System can also be used to load and unload the container to and from vehicles.
  • It is also compatible with the “Shelter and Mobile Platform Lift and Transportation System” produced by GES Engineering, which allows it to be transported by a towing vehicle without being loaded onto a trailer.
  • By moving the cabin and the lifting block in the specified direction with 0.1-degree precision, the engagement angle of the payloads, such as the weapons or electro-optic sensors carried by the tower, can be increased, in addition to their operating limits. Accordingly, all limitations related to the terrain are ruled out.
  • It can operate for long periods with high reliability in the field thanks to its electromechanical mechanisms and mechanical locks.
  • A ladder located within the lifting block allows the crew to access the cabin. It is also possible to enter through a door before the cabin has been hoisted to its vertical position, and to reposition the system vertically from inside the cabin.
  • Both the cabin and the overall system can be armoured if required.
  • The container, tower and payloads can be remotely operated via the 3G module.

In addition to being used as manned guard tower, the Multipurpose Portable Tower can also be integrated with various payloads:

  • Radars
  • Electro-optic sensors
  • Weapon systems,
  • Anti-drone systems
  • Mobile Air Control Station,
  • Security systems (Facial recognition, license plate recognition, etc.)
Latest Developments

While continuing its works on the first prototype of the Multipurpose Portable Tower, GES Engineering is at the same time developing new features. One such feature being developed will see the creation of working and living spaces through the expansion of the container to the sides.

Area of Use
  • Temporary bases
  • Land and coastal borders
  • Critical facilities
  • Temporary Air Control Station
  • Surveillance and Weapon Tower
  • Security applications in urban areas (monitoring social events, riots, security applications for sports tournaments, etc.)
  • Propulsion: Electrical/Hydraulic
  • Closed/Open Height: 2.5/10 m
  • Total Weight of The System: 11 t
  • Cabin Measurements (width/length/height): 1.4/1.8/2.2 m
  • Platform (Cabin) Tilt Feature: Yes
  • Automatic Lifting Feature: Yes
  • Manual Lifting Feature: Yes
  • Setup Time: 10 min
  • Changeable Angle of View: Yes
  • Cabin Angle of View Changing Precision: 0.1 degrees
  • Armour: Optional
  • Maximum Installation Slope Angle: 7 degrees