Messages from the Senior Management

  • Serhat DEMİR

    For us, GES Engineering creates works of art, transforming our dreams into reality. We know what the sector needs, just as we know what we are capable of.

    We believe that the works we’ve carried out to date have generated significant added value for the sector, and we have seen support from many institutions and agencies, particularly the Presidency of Defence Industries, TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB.

    For the upcoming period, we seek to become a solution partner within the sector as a designer and producer of subsystems.

    Serhat DEMİR
  • Gökay YAŞAR

    Even though the company is seeing rapid growth, we, as the founding partners, continue to be involved in every project. Should anything not go according to plan, we intervene immediately, taking decisions and implementing them without being tied down by bureaucratic red tape.

    This enables us to complete the hardest projects without deviations from the schedule. We have always attached utmost importance to customer satisfaction, and will continue to do so in the future.

    Gökay YAŞAR
  • Ersin ÖZBEK

    Although GES Engineering is still a young company, it has already proven itself in many areas. The indigenous products we have developed have already been selected by different users and entered into use.

    Our production capabilities are much appreciated by the aviation companies, for whom we carry out production in compliance with aviation standards. All of this encourages use to set even more challenging goals for the future.

    Ersin ÖZBEK
  • Arzu BAYTAR

    As the PEM Engineering family, we have always sought to transform our dreams into reality, and will continue to do so. At GES Engineering, we have built a young, dynamic and innovative team with their own dreams and personal targets.

    To achieve these targets, we will deploy all of our international and domestic experience, shaping and guiding them in a way that benefits our country the most. The sector always needs dynamic players that can produce more. I believe that by its 10th anniversary, GES Engineering will have covered significant ground by expanding on what it has achieved until now, and that its story will be one of success.

    All of my colleagues are working in earnest to achieve this goal. When the time comes, we will feel honoured at having been a part of this success story, and of having fulfilled another of our responsibilities to the sector.

    Arzu BAYTAR