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9 February 2019
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7 February 2019


With the family of fan products it has developed, GES Engineering conveys its capabilities in analysis and production technologies to the fans required by the defence and aerospace sector. GES Engineering develops products with lower power requirements but with a stronger flow. The company’s fan product family currently includes blower and cooling fans.


In defence and aerospace, fans used for cooling, air-conditioning or exhaust must satisfy a plethora of challenging and equally conflicting requirements, such as low volume, low power consumption and high flow rate.

. Under these circumstances, the optimal solution can only be found through the use of modern analysis tools and production techniques. Offering an optimal solution through innovative analysis and production approaches, GES Engineering’s blower fans ensure 10 percent more flow with 25 percent less power consumption when compared to equivalent fans on the market.

Innovative Features

GES Engineering’s fan solutions incorporate a number of innovative features:

  • Greater flow with lower power consumption thanks to their blade design and production techniques
  • Low cost
  • Lower noise level


GES Engineering can design fans with dimensions, power consumption levels and flow rates that match user requirements.

Latest Developments

GES Engineering’s blower fans have proven themselves in functional tests observed by FNSS officials. The tests were carried out using modern testing equipment that was also designed by GES Engineering. Qualification works for the fans are currently underway.