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4 February 2019
Machine Park
2 February 2019


GES Engineering, since the day it is founded, has been carrying out manufacturing in accordance with technical drawings for domestic and foreign customers. The company has 16 CNC machine tools, 7 of which are 5 axes. The company manufactures various parts for the aerospace, defense and automotive industries. In many projects including assembly and painting, the customer is delivered ready-to-use product..

GES Engineering is one of the leading suppliers of Turkish Aerospace and Defense industry. Some sub-parts and subsystems produced within the scope of production activities carried out in accordance with technical drawings from main contractor companies can be listed as follows:

  • A wide range of mechanical sub-components used in the production of armored vehicles;
  • Hanger Assembly and TD-Ring for AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles;
  • Production of electronic boxes for air and land vehicles;
  • Transmission body productions especially for Military Vehicles;
  • Missile components, such as fins;
  • Blade-Rotor Hub Assemblies.
  • Production and final product assembly of weapons station sub-parts
  • Manufacturing of sub-parts for the automotive industry

GES Engineering produces indigenous products within its own facilities.