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6 February 2019
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4 February 2019

Testing Services

GES Engineering also designs and produces testing systems and apparatus for mechanical and electromechanical systems. GES Engineering carries out testing on its own products, but can also offer these tests as a service to its customers.

One prominent example of GES Engineering’s testing capabilities is its Track Adjuster Testing System, used for the static, dynamic and lifespan testing of Track Adjusters. Static tests involve the application of a constant force to the Track Adjuster, while dynamic tests have loads that are time-dependent, being applied to the test article at certain time intervals according to the load profile that is entered into the system.

Entering the load profiles into this system is as simple as forming and registering a two-column Excel file that shows the time and the corresponding loads to be exerted. This testing system can be adapted to suit user requirements, applying loads of up to 50 tons, and can also be used for testing other systems, such as shock absorbers, spring systems and powertrains.

Please contact us if you would like to obtain more information about GES Engineering’s testing systems and equipment.

General Characteristics of the Track Adjuster Testing System

  • Running simulations for any of the static and dynamic loads a Track Adjuster may encounter in the field when fitted to a tracked vehicle.
  • Capable of applying loads of up to 50 tons.
  • Can detect any changes exceeding 0.1 mm.
  • Test parameters can be entered manually, or via an Excel file. Test results can be obtained in a report or graph format.