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13 April 2020
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13 April 2020

PCB Retainer

GES Engineering, which is engaged in the design of special electro-mechanical and mechanical products aimed at niche areas, has recently added PCB retainers to its areas of activity.

GES Engineering currently produces PCB retainers under four different product groups.


Used in many military and avionics systems, such as control or mission computers, radars and signal processing units, electronic cards can be exposed to severe vibration and high impact during operation. PCB retainers ensure that these cards remain connected to their casing (Line Replaceable Unit / LRU), and that they continue to carry out their functions by maintaining their fixed position in the LRU, without being affected by such environmental factors as vibration.

GES Engineering applies its principle of developing innovative, indigenous and cost-effective solutions also to its PCB retainers.

Innovative Features

GES Engineering produces PCB retainers with different mechanisms, for which it has submitted utility model application. These mechanisms have unique features and prevent disengagement under severe vibration. Furthermore, R&D studies into new mechanisms incorporating different materials are ongoing.


GES Engineering can produce PCB retainers both in standard sizes and in custom sizes requested by the user. It supports its users during the design phase of electronic cards, thus providing customised PCB retainers that fully meet user needs. It takes only about one month for GES Engineering to design a new PCB retainer and to roll out new versions.

Latest Developments

GES Engineering has delivered some 4,500 PCB retainers to date that are already being used in various projects of ASELSAN and TÜBİTAK. GES Engineering is negotiating with other companies who are looking for indigenous alternatives to the PCB retainers they currently use, and gives them the opportunity to try out the PCB retainers on their products.

GES Engineering’s PCB retainer production capacity has reached a level at which 2,250 sets can be delivered every month.

Potential Projects and Areas of Use

GES Engineering’s product family of PCB retainers can be used in all defence and aerospace systems that utilize electronic cards.

The company offers solutions for projects that require customised sizes, in addition to those involving standard sizes.


  • High compression force
  • Compliance with MIL-STD-810G standards
  • 40–250 mm size range
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Stainless material