3 February 2019
Weld Manufacturing
1 February 2019

Machine Park

GES Engineering’s large and comprehensive machine park contains the following machines and equipment to support its deep experience in manufacturing:

  • DOOSAN DNM 500-II Four-Axis Machining Centre
  • Mazak Variaxis 500 Five-Axis Machining Centre
  • Sharp SV2414 SX Three-Axis Machining Centre
  • DOOSAN Puma 2100GT Three-Axis Turning Centre
  • DOOSAN DNM 6700 Machining Centre (two units)
  • MAZAK Integrex J200 Five-Axis Turning Centre
  • DOOSAN VC-510 Four-Axis Two Pallets Machining Centre
  • MAZAK VC-Smart 430A Three-Axis Machining Centre
  • HAAS UMC 750 Five-Axis Machining Centre
  • MAZAK QT Smart 200L Two Axis Turning Lathe
  • Haas VF4 Five-Axis CNC Machining Centre
  • MAZAK VTC 20B Three-Axis Machining Centre
  • MAKİNO Slim-3N Two Pallets Machining Centre
  • Universal Milling Machine
  • Universal Boring Machine
  • ECOCA SL-8 Two-Axis CNC Turning Machine
  • LK TC-510 Three-Axis Machining Centre
  • Fronius Welding Machine
  • 100-Ton Hydraulic Press

GES Engineering also possesses a range of measurement devices:

  • NIKON LK V 10.7.6 PH10T CMM Device
  • DEA Global PH10T CMM Device
  • MITUTOYO Profile Projection Device

Behind all of these machines and infrastructure lies GES Engineering’s expert personnel and the quality procedures that are rooted in its corporate culture.