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8 February 2019
GES Engineering to Add Intelligence to Shelter-Levelling Systems Used by NATO
28 July 2020

Approximately 10,000 New Orders for GES Engineering’s PCB Retainers

In May, GES Engineering received a new order of approximately 10,000 units for the PCB retainer
product family. PCB retainers will be used in products such as avionics systems and military
computers within the scope of the order received from a Turkish company that has both its own
products and provides various subsystems to domestic and foreign main contractors. GES
Engineering will deliver the PCB retainers to the company, which it had already previously provided
PCB retainers before, from the existing PCB retainers product family. The PCB retainers have a
mechanism that has been applied for a utility model and has no equivalent in the world and prevents
unlocking during high intensity vibrations. Delivery is scheduled to be completed this year.

Ersin Özbek, Project Technical Manager of GES Engineering emphasizes that this last order is an
indication of the trust in their products: “The fact that a user, whom we have delivered products to,
preferring us again shows us the trust they have both in us and our product. The fact that we can
meet this amount of demand in a short time will also be an indicator of our production power. With
our existing engineering, test and production infrastructure, we can produce all kinds of PCB retainer
systems with indigenous facilities. We started to create our stocks for standard sizes and models, as
well as custom design and production services. We are ready and willing to meet the needs of all
defence and aerospace industry companies with this product, which ceased our dependency on
imports. We want to release the new PCB retainer models to the market as soon as possible and
answer all the need in this regard.”

GES Engineering produces PCB retainers under 4 different product groups. The PCB retainers, of
which approximately 4,500 have been delivered so far, are used in various projects, primarily those
of ASELSAN and TÜBİTAK. The company plans to deliver 15,000 PCB retainers this year.