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1 June 2020
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2 September 2020

GES Engineering to Add Intelligence to Shelter-Levelling Systems Used by NATO

The sub-systems of the leading solutions offered by GES Engineering are also attracting attention. A company from a NATO-member European state has selected the electronic control unit of GES Engineering’s Shelter-Levelling System to convert its own manual levelling system into an automatic system. Under the contract, signed in the third week of July 2020, GES Engineering will deliver the first batch of products in a collaboration that is expected to expand with further orders.

The electronic control unit, the software and hardware of which have been developed by GES Engineering, operates as an independent unit (LRU), allowing levelling systems to fulfil their tasks automatically in the shortest possible time. These units have been performing well in the field as a part of the Shelter Levelling and Automatic Vehicle Levelling Systems offered to various users by GES Engineering.

The contract can be considered a precursor to a new period in which the modernization of old systems without automatic levelling capability will be possible. GES Engineering’s electronic control unit brings modern capabilities to old systems, and can be easily integrated thanks to its standard interfaces and flexible architecture.

Serhat Demir, Co-founder of GES Engineering, said that the contract meant many firsts for the company: “This is our first contract for the export of our levelling system product family. It is also the first contract covering an electronic unit developed by GES Engineering, which is well-known in the design and manufacture of mechanical and electro-mechanical subsystems, components and materials. Making use of our software and hardware development capabilities, we offer solutions that will make a difference in this field in the coming period.”